About  Me

Hello, I'm Padma Saini. I'm a graduate with a master's degree in applied chemistry. I have experience working with supramolecules and nanomaterials. My research interests revolve around both supramolecular chemistry and renewable energy. I enjoy organic synthesis and tackling new challenges while synthesizing new molecules. In my free time, I create art and study thriller & mystery books. 


 Padma Saini

 Postgraduate in Applied Chemistry

 Delhi, India

 Contact: padmasaini.chem@gmail.com

Professional experience

June 2024 - July 2024

CCAI Virtual Summer School 2024 

Climate Change AI 

May 2024 - Present

CO2RE - The Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub

Associate Member, GGR Future Leaders network  

Jan 2022 - Jun 2022

University of Galway, Ireland

Research Assistant

Jan 2021  - May 2021

Amity Univesity Haryana, India

Research Intern

May 2017  - Jul 2017

Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India

Summer Intern


Mar 2024  - Mar 2025

Master's Degree in Hydrogen Technology

TECH Technological University

Aug 2019  - Jun 2021

Master of Science (Applied Chemistry)

Amity University Haryana, India

Aug 2015  - Jun 2018

Bachelor of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Mewar University, India

Mar 2010  - Mar 2015

High School

Vaish Girls Senior Secondary School, India

Awards and Prizes

Workshop and Seminar

2nd Online EMERGE School Webinar Program | (15 Apr-19 Apr 2024)

• “Important subjects covered in the curriculum include sustainable printed electronics, piezo-nanogenerators, microelectronics, geopolitics, and cellulose-based electronic printing and printing of perovskite solar modules.” 

Virtual Lecture Series | ACS Science Talk  (25 Jan 2024)

• “Flow in Porous Media in the Energy Transition” 

Workshop | Royal Society of Chemistry (25 Aug 2022)

• “Applications of modern Design of Experiments (DoE): online training programme.”     

Virtual Lecture Series | ACS Science Talk  (30 Sep 2020)

• “Advances in single perovskite crystals: fundamentals and applications.” 

Virtual Lecture Series | ACS Science Talk (7 Oct 2020)

• “The COALESCE network: Developing a national emission inventory for climate and air quality assessment.”                                      


Conferences and Contributed Presentation

MOOC’s Undertaken

• MITx: Sustainable Energy ; MIT, edX

• Energy Within Environmental Constraints ; Harvard University, edx

• Hydrogen Energy: Production, Storage, Transportation And Safety ; NPTEL

• Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine: Introduction to Design ; Udemy


Languages: English (Fluent), Hindi (Native), Russian (Good), and Japanese (Basic).

Synthesis: Organic and Inorganic Synthesis, Supramolecules synthesis and modification, Nanoparticles Synthesis.

Spectroscopic Techniques: IR, NMR, ESI-MS, XRD

Programming: Python, R, MATLAB, MS Office, Chem draw, Adobe, Corel draw, and Mnova.